Below are listed the most frequently asked questions posted to us by computer users who have come across the Iron Wing Chun website, and students at the Iron Wing Chun School.

  • Is Iron Wing Chun a Marital Arts School or Equipment Supplier?
    Both. The equipment was born from the fact I couldn't find any manufacturers whose products were either correct, or sufficinently hard wearing enough to withstand the rigorous use they would be subjected to at our school. Example: knives - wrong design, No balance, Low build quality and inferior materials resulting in snapped blades,broken handles etc. Wooden Dummies - Totally wrong angles and measurements resulting in incorrect application of skills and development.
  • Who Runs Iron Wing Chun?
    The head coach is Martin Brierley. A senior UK student to Grandmaster's Ip Chun, Ip Ching - sons of the late Grandmaster Ip Man and Samuel Kwok - their senior world wide representative.
  • How long Have you been studying Wing Chun, and who have you studied under?
    You can find answers to these questions in the about section.
  • What's the best piece of advise you can give to a new student looking for a kung fu school to study at?
    Research your prospective coach. Look for correct lineage and sufficient experience and quality of the students. A willingness to answer your questions openly and honestly. Go and have a look for yourself, don't be fooled by hearsay.
  • How can I become a student, and where are you based (etc)?
    Usually by invitation, or by contact through our website. We are located in Leeds, Yorkshire.
  • I run a school already, do you do seminars, and do I need to be affiliated with any particular organisation in order to book you?
    Seminars are available on any aspect of the system of Wing Chun kung fu, regardless of association or club.
  • Do you take private students?
  • How long does it take to master wing chun?
    To master Wing Chun, even with correct coaching can take many years, however, the aspect of self defence can be learnt relatively quickly with consistent training.