• Trad Wooden Dummies
    Traditional Solid Oak Wooden Dummies. Wall mounted & Sprung, ground sunk or freestanding.
  • Unique Iron Dummies
    Correct angles and specifications!!! Produces tight fast foot and hand skills. PS "Try your double palm strikes on this dummy!"
    The correct angles and specifications used in the manufacture of this dummy make it very responsive when used, or 'PLAYED'
  • Leather Wall strike bags
    Made from industrial strengh Nubuck leather, triple stitched with metal fixings. These bags should last you a lifetime.
  • Wooden & Iron Dummy Accessories.
    Steel and Wooden Arms & Legs, stands frames springs bases.
  • 9ft 2" Long Poles
    Solid Oak, tapered and Oiled PS "Watch your engergy travel down these poles!!!"
  • Also Available:
    Many more Ip family kung fu products and training aids rarely seen before! eg,
  • Tipod / Stepping / Kicking Dummies
  • Pole Training Dummies
  • Real Iron Palm Liniments
  • Full, bespoke and after sales service
  • Leather dummy striking pads (fits around dummy)
  • Training trips to Hong Kong with the masters
  • ...and much, much more.